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War and Peace

Can you imagine if your country had been in almost continuous war for 65 years?  That is the case with South Sudan.  Is it any wonder that they don’t know how to solve disputes peacefully?  For a long time, life in South Sudan hasn’t been worth much.  People kill over simple disputes that those from other nations would arbitrate or go to court over.  During the short peace from 2005 through 2013 there were many peace and reconciliation conferences throughout South Sudan, aimed at quelling the anger in people’s hearts from so many years of warfare.  The problem was, no one was ever asked to take responsibility for their evil actions.  Not even in some small token way, as a result there was no real repentance or forgiveness.  People of South Sudan desperately need to know the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They continue to be burdened by the shame of their actions against others.  Real peace and reconciliation comes when people own their own guilt and ask forgiveness of those who have suffered at their hands and when those who have been wounded and dishonored can find the ability to forgive and move on without bitterness or resentment in their hearts.  This is at the heart of what the Gospel does in a person’s life.