Hope & Grace International

In late 2014 we started a ‘T4T’ based disciple making movement among the South Sudanese refugees who had fled to northern Uganda.  We also reached out to the locals of the West Nile region of Uganda.

Our Africa base is in northern Uganda simply because this is where the refugees from South Sudan began pouring into when civil war broke out in December of 2013. 

Before 2014 we were doing four main things, village crusades, school assemblies, children’s ministry and leadership development. We had seen around 160,000 people pray to receive Christ during those years.

Dissatisfied with the discipleship results from crusade ministry, we started praying and searching for a better way to cultivate obedient followers of Jesus. We began looking at what is called church planting/disciple making movements. After considerable reading, a friend suggested a book called T4T (training for trainers). We read it and felt like it contained the basic pattern we wanted. Hope and Grace international adapted it to make it our own and then took almost a year to convince and train our leaders this is a better way to win and disciple people.
We win individuals and friendship/family clusters to Jesus and then train them how to be His obedient followers. A major part of this is to train them how to win and disciple their own circle of influence. We get people ministering as soon as they receive Christ. We teach them how to form the people they lead to Jesus into small groups for disciple training.


When we started our Disciple Making Movement, our focus was South Sudan’s large refugee population in Uganda.  But, within a year of starting in northern Uganda, it began spreading around the country.  Now we have Disciple Making Movement groups in central, eastern, western as well northern Uganda.  Additionally, we are in over 29 refugee camps and are not only touching the South Sudanese but also Congolese and people from the Nuba Mountains.


We started our Disciple Making Movement in earnest in 2015 after several months of convincing our leaders that it would be more fruitful and training them how to do and lead Disciple Making Movement.  In the first year we had 24 groups, in the second, we had 52 groups, in the third year 311 groups,  fourth with 1109 groups. Now we have about 5104 groups with over 1000 group leaders.


We also spread our Disciple Making Movement through;

  1. Sports Ministry
  2. Children’s Ministry
  3. Prison Ministry
  4. Radio Ministry
  5. Hospital Ministry
  6. Military Ministry
  7. Oral Learners Ministry

Other Ministries