Refugee Assistance

South Sudan’s refugee crisis may be the worst humanitarian disaster in the world at this current time. There are approximately 1,500,000 South Sudan Refugees in Uganda and more in other bordering countries.  There are millions of internally displaced persons (IDP’s) who remain within the borders of South Sudan.  This is one of those needs that we could use hundreds of thousands of dollars every month to meet dire needs and there would still be unmet needs.  With the little we have, we have made a big, sometimes life-saving, impact on those we have helped.

We have been able to assist people to get out of South Sudan, provide medicine for various sicknesses, help pregnant women, provide Bibles, vegetable seeds for family gardens, clothing, cooking utensils, food for orphans and families, shelters for families and we have built structures for camp churches to meet in and a variety of other helpful things. Because of our limited resources we have focused on pastors, orphans, widows and pregnant women.

These refugee camps are carved out of the bush and there are no places for churches to meet, some camps don’t even have big trees for them to meet under.  We have built six shelters for camp churches.  We can build a very temporary shelter with poles, tarps and papyrus mats for about $1,500 we can build a 20-year+ pole barn church with tin roof, bamboo walls for about $4,700.  This includes a latrine. Doors and benches are another $750. We have done both, but of course would prefer building a longer lasting structure if the funds are available.  In 2020 we would like to build about seven of the stronger buildings in the camps.

The people of South Sudan have suffered for generations.  Almost continuous war, being inhumanly violated and violating others.  We bring the Father’s love which gives hope, heart healing and the transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our Disciple Making Groups help the refugees provide emotional and material support for one another in the face of overwhelming trouble.