We are a church planting movement and have been involved in ministry to Africa since the early 1970’s. First in West Africa and later in Uganda and South Sudan. We first ministered in South Sudan in 1998.

Our team first focused on establishing a church planting movement among the more than 100,000 South Sudanese Refugees and local residents around the Adjumani district and West Nile Region in northern Uganda.

Over the last several years we had witnessed more than 160,000 people pray to receive Christ. So far our ministry had reached Western, Central and Eastern Equatoria states as well as Jongoli state, it is our intent to reach into every state of South Sudan. Jesus Film, Healing Crusades and School Assemblies had been our primary evangelism tools. We had also planted churches, developed leaders, done water projects through “Sudan Water Project” and helped people in medical and material crisis.

Because of the civil war which started in December 2013 in south Sudan, we relocated our base to northern Uganda where the refugees begun to pour in in 2014. Since then we have seen more than 49,000 salvation and also have been able to disciple the major number of those people to be good followers of Jesus and involve them in ministry to others. 

Our goal is to, by the grace and enabling of God, plant 10,000 churches and see 500,000 people make decisions for Christ, in that region, by 2025.

Gary Short
Gary and Louise planted and pastored churches in the US for over 20 years. Gary has served on the boards of relief and development organizations, preached in many denominational settings, and taught both Christian and business groups on leadership development. His insight into developing-world countries and pastoral issues has developed over the last 30 years of involvement with ministry to the persecuted church in such places as the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries, Mozambique, Uganda and the Sudan. Gary has been ministering in Sudan since 1998. Gary has also lead leadership conferences throughout Africa. Gary is the author of several teaching books and published the materials for our Disciple Making Movement

Louise Short
Louise Short speaks in churches in the West and helps lead the ministry combining her experience in relief and development, networking with other ministries, and passing on her love for the Lord and evangelism passion to young leaders. Louise Short has spent the 20  years working full time in management for the  African Children’s Choir, a NGO helping children in crisis in Africa. For 10 years she was the East Africa field coordinator, and worked as liaison between the ACC and its partner African NGOs, as well as a missions pastor in the US. She has been involved with Sudan since 1993 and because of her passion for ministry there, she now focuses her efforts fully on Sudan.  Louise and her husband Gary have been leading teams to Sudan since 1998. Louise’s experience has given her wisdom in working in the African cultures, in long term ministry to war traumatized children, in the needs of the persecuted, in relief and development, and in church planting.